Simplify and strengthen your university cybersecurity strategy

Simplify your cybersecurity assessments with the CYBER HEAT MAP ™ capability assessment tool.

Summarize your current cybersecurity capabilities and identify technology gaps to streamline your strategy planning processes.

Strengthen your cybersecurity program with expert insights and advice from CISO coaching services.

Get ongoing guidance from a higher education expert with over two decades of experience, including university CISO roles.

Use CYBER HEAT MAP assessments when developing your university cybersecurity strategy

Leveraging over 20 years of higher education technology and information security leadership experience, CYBER HEAT MAP assessments help university IT leaders review their technical capabilities and identify gaps to build a resilient cybersecurity program. 

Key benefits of using CYBER HEAT MAP

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Streamline your cybersecurity capability assessment process. Leverage a repeatable process built from over 20 years of experience leading higher education technology and information security programs.

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Summarize your cybersecurity capabilities using a simple matrix format. On a single page, see your current capabilities mapped against operations maturity levels and quickly identify potential technology gaps.

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Prioritize technology gaps based on your institution's desired maturity goals and compliance requirements. Prepare a strategic roadmap to invest in new solutions and capabilities based on a gap analysis against these goals.

Explore how the CYBER HEAT MAP capability assessment can simplify your university cybersecurity strategy review and planning

Our CISO coaching services draw on over two decades of experience leading technology and information security programs for universities. Chris Schreiber provides you with insights from an experienced higher education cybersecurity expert, and annual retainers provide affordable options to fit within your university’s budget.

CISO coaching provides the help you need at a price you can afford

Key benefits of a CISO coaching retainer

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No hourly fees

Focus on results instead of watching the clock. With a flat fee annual retainer, have confidence you can get the help you need without unexpected costs and budget overruns.

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Partner with a higher education expert who helps you improve your cybersecurity strategies. Combine your campus knowledge with extensive university and cybersecurity industry experience.

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Best practices

Save time by focusing on the issues important to your university. Learn what solutions can enable cyber resilience in a higher education setting. Create a roadmap to strengthen your program and reduce risk to your institution.

Learn how CISO coaching services designed for higher education can improve your university cybersecurity strategy