Improve university cybersecurity with CYBER HEAT MAP™ CISO coaching services

Simplify planning your cybersecurity strategy with affordable CISO coaching services

We built our CISO coaching services around the CYBER HEAT MAP tool. This is a cybersecurity assessment methodology for universities developed from over two decades of experience leading higher education information security and technology programs.

The CYBER HEAT MAP tool can help you:

  • SIMPLIFY your understanding of the cybersecurity capabilities needed to meet research contract and compliance requirements
  • VISUALIZE your current cybersecurity capabilities and identify gaps against your desired maturity goals
  • CLARIFY your strategy to prioritize improvement goals and meet compliance requirements while reducing risk to your institution
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Build a lasting partnership with our 3-step approach to each coaching engagement:

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Review capabilities

Complete a cybersecurity program assessment comparing your capabilities against higher education compliance and research requirements. Understand your maturity and identify potential gaps.

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Prioritize improvements

Get advice on where to direct your scarce resources. Learn what solutions are available to solve your current challenges and explore what approaches work at other institutions.

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Guide and review strategy

Receive feedback as your information security program matures and threats evolve. Leverage our broad visibility across higher education and the cybersecurity vendor space to ensure your plans reflect current best practices.

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